Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai” is the story of a community which has battled nature’s adversities and built a model of self sustenance.


Our mission is to highlight a movement which has been quietly gaining momentum in a remote area in North east Rajasthan. A movement that has advocated the concept of self sustenance, resource conservation and regeneration and drives home the importance of protecting our environment which is becoming fragile by the day. A one time rocky terrain has been transformed through traditional local knowledge reviving ancient techniques of permaculture and water conservation to create a landscape once unimaginable.

It is a shining example of the miracles that human spirit can achieve with will power, ingenuity and trust.



The flip side to irrigation in India is that it is largely dependent on groundwater. Poor water management practices has put tremendous pressure on these groundwater reserves.

About the documentary

The Aravalli region offers an extremely difficult terrain for agriculture. Shooting in this challenging region for over 3 years, watching the landscape transform from rocky barren mines to abundant green fields, has been a tremendous source of inspiration to every one involved in the making of this documentary.

Watch the teaser and the preview here.


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